At Sweet Me Photography, it’s our job to capture, preserve and provide our families with their most important memories. Babies are only tiny, fresh and new for a short window of time which is why timing is so important. Within a matter of weeks the baby changes dramatically. Remember when you held her for the first time and took in every little detail? Her tiny, wrinkly toes, the soft hair on her shoulders and ears, her wrinkly skin not yet filled out…and those beautiful little faint lashes? Having your newborn photographed within the first couple weeks of life is such an artistic way to enjoy those details long after they have grown.

The age of baby also makes a difference in posing. Younger babies tend to be more flexible and will curl and cuddle into all of those sweet poses you see on our website. Sweet Me Photography suggests scheduling your baby between 5-14 days old, but can still achieve great success with most poses up until about 21 days.


How will you remember? How will you remember? How will you remember?