Our photographers meet so many wonderful families with incredible and unique stories. This family had some special Turkish traditions.

“As a photographer I am constantly aware of what an honor it is to be asked to capture such a special time in a family’s life. Recently I had the opportunity to photograph Baby U’s newborn session and I was asked to participate in some unique customs from their Turkish heritage.

After the session was over I was offered a piece of cake and a special cinnamon flavored drink. I was also given a small gift of cutely wrapped chocolate as a “thank you” for visiting the baby.

I was asked to write in a specially decorated book containing thoughts and messages for the baby. I have to say, I got a little teary writing in the book. I know that the pictures I take will be with the family forever, but being asked to write something that one day Baby U will read was really touching.

Before I left I took pictures with Baby U and his beautiful mama! I obviously didn’t know I would be having my picture taken – especially after a two hour newborn session – but I couldn’t say no. 🙂 Thank you to Baby U and his family for allowing me to photograph their family and participate in their traditions.”

-Melissa in San Diego-