How sweet are these photos of the baby with her big sister?! Swoon!! A rare and precious capture by our Sweet Me Photographer!

At Sweet Me Photography, the focus during our session is primarily on your new baby. However, we’re happy to add in a few photos of your children together or family images. If you’ve got a toddler, you know how difficult itis to get them to cooperate for photos. Or…well…anything for that matter. Actually, photos probably go into the category of “impossible.” At some age (usually around 4), something magical happens. Your child can now take instruction and pose. They also have a slightly longer attention span and tolerance level for activities they don’t particularly want to engage in… like a photo shoot. Until the magic age happens, here’s a few great tips on how to prepare your older child for a successful photoshoot.

  1. Schedule your baby session at a time that works well for your baby AND your toddler. If your toddler is AMAZING just after a nap, then let your photographer know this so they can try to work around it.
  2. Tell your photographer what photos are on the top of your list with your toddler so they can make sure to capture this first. For example, if individual photos of your older child with the baby are more important than family photos…then do those first! Communication with photographer is the key.
  3. Talk to your toddler about photos before the session happens. Tell them how fun it will be and what to expect. Talk about it OFTEN and get them familiar with the idea.
  4. Have a reward for a job well done! This could be a treat, favorite activity or perhaps a trip to the store to select a new toy. Whatever works for your kiddo– DO IT!
  5. Your little one will probably act poorly during all or part of the photo session. Try your best to reason with them. Do not get upset, raise your voice or do anything that might make things worse. This usually leads to tears and game over.
  6. And lastly… have realistic expectations. You may only get one really great photo with your wiggly 2 year old before a massive meltdown occurs.