Fall arrives with the gentle drop in temperatures after long months of enduring summer heat. The leaves slowly begin to change to beautiful shades of autumnal gold and red, and the feel of a new season is upon us. Suddenly, Halloween has come and gone and in the blink of an eye and the holiday season has arrived with a bang! Then, as usual, the first Christmas commercials proudly air on November 1st and the frenzy begins!!

Every holiday seems to bring a mad rush of celebrations and gift buying. Sometimes it feels like we’re all stuck in a giant form of the Grinch’s Whoville where we frantically buy presents for sake of checking someone off our lists. Is that how it’s supposed to be? What happened to getting someone something tailored to them? Does anyone else struggle with this? Is not just about buying a ANY gift, but instead… purchasing the perfect gift. So much pressure, right?! My favorite part of the gift giving tradition is seeing the look of joy and excitement on someones face when they open a present that I know I got just right!

So what is the perfect gift? Everyone has their own variation on this idea. For me, the older I get the more I realize that life is less and less about material things and more about experiences and memories. If you have someone in your life that is about to be a parent, then we have the perfect gift idea for you that helps create those treasured memories! The purchase of a Sweet Me Photography Newborn Package means that they will enjoy a relaxed, and convenient photo session in the comfort of their own home. For any of you that have experienced the joys of a new baby, you know that NOT having to leave the house for any reason in those first few weeks is nothing short of AMAZING! Our affordable newborn sessions start at $350 and include an in-home photo shoot plus 8 beautifully retouched images. Upgrades including additional images are also available. The best part about purchasing a session is that the session can be purchased well before the baby arrives! Expecting parents can set up a temporary session date based on the due date of their baby and then adjust the date as necessary when the arrival is closer.

And….. you are now officially the hero of gift giving! You’re welcome.