With Mother’s Day just right around the corner, some of you are getting to celebrate for the first time…..some of you are preparing to become a mother….others have been blessed as a mother for many years now. Wherever you are in your stage of motherhood, being a mother is such a true blessing.

Motherhood is: sleepless nights, toothless grins, thousands of questions, complete and total uncertainty about…everything, hot mess hair and no make-up days, hugs that would melt anyone’s heart, sticky fingers and BIG messes, dirty diapers, little puppy dog eyes that you’re powerless against, piles of laundry, first words, last minute Halloween costume sewing, time-outs, BIG glasses of wine, the love of nap times, play dates in the sun, unconditional love, a car with so many snacks crusted under the seats that you’re embarrassed to let anyone but your kids ride in it, late night fevers, hearing the word “why” a MILLION times, being a teacher, scraped knees and bandaids, getting sick of the word “MOM!”, growth spurts,  homework, wondering if you even got the time to brush your teeth today, tiny toddler giggles, realizing that your 5th cup of coffee is what kept you vertical for the day, really appreciating your own mother, realizing that your own mother was right—about almost everything, letting your kids wear glitter shoes with a superman cape to school just because it got you through the morning alive, picking your battles, and hearing the words “I love you, Mom.”

It’s all these things and so much more!  Most of all, its moments that you would never give up for the world. Our hats off to each and every one of you that gets to be called “Mom”. Happy Mother’s Day from Sweet Me Photography!!!