Then and Now, what a difference a few months makes. Every Mom has wished they had the ability to freeze time as they hold their newborn baby. We are so anxious to meet our new little baby our entire pregnancy. Wishing time would go just a little bit quicker during those long 9 months. We spend so much time planning, anticipating, and dreaming about the arrival of our sweet new baby and wondering what they will look like. Will they have Mom’s smile or Dad’s eyes, will they have any hair or have cute peach fuzz on their head? Finally, the day comes and we get to meet our special new member of our growing family. As Moms we try to take in every single little detail, their fingers, their toes, their sweet tiny nose and those lips and ears. We can not get enough of them. We hold them tight and give them thousands of kisses and think to ourselves if only we could freeze time and keep them so small, so sweet, so innocent. Before long, they are looking up at us with those beautiful inquisitive eyes, smiling at us from ear to ear and saying the word we had longed to hear since the minute they were born….. “Mama”.

We are all Mommies at Sweet Me Photography and we know and appreciate how quickly our children grow and how important it is to celebrate and treasure every milestone in their lives. We love being able to freeze time at least to capture those first days in beautiful artwork that we call newborn portraits. It is always fun to also see how different the same baby will look when posed in a variety of positions and from varying angles and a variety of props. To showcase how quickly our Sweet Me babies have changed already, we have been collecting snapshots of some of our newborns that we have had the honor to photograph to see how much they have changed and grown since we first me them. We will be featuring different babies in our Then and Now blog each month and periodically on Facebook and Instagram. So if you haven’t liked our page yet or aren’t following us, it is the perfect time to do so. We hope you enjoy watching them grow as much as we do.

This month we are featuring Julian Oliver. We came to Julian’s home back in Dec 2015 and photographed him with his spunky big brother Gabriel. Who could not be any prouder of his baby brother. He snuggled him tight and gave him sweet kisses during our session. Julian was a trooper. He even cracked a couple of tiny smiles for us. Here are some of the pictures from his session and snapshots from the past 5 months. Can you believe how quickly they change?