Sweet Me Photography was honored to be featured in Danielle’s City Girl Gone Mom lifestyle blog! Here’s what she had to say:

“I swear baby photographs are the cutest images on earth. I realized that the moment my mother bought me my first Anne Geddes book.  I think babies are the most photographed subject in the world.  With newborns being quite unpredictable, getting a superb image is easier said than done.

When I had my 4th bundle of love eight weeks ago, I met with Carla Stephan, founder and CEO of Sweet Me Photography, a premium and affordable newborn photography service available in San Diego and Kansas City.     She offered to capture a few images of baby Brody.  I happily obliged at the generous gesture.  Ideally, newborn photographers want to get their images within 5-14 days old.  When I was able to call Carla, Brody was over age for this type of shoot (a whopping 30 days old), but they did it anyway, and need I say the images came out flawless.  Babies are more awake after their first few weeks making it harder to get all the adorable poses.  Even with Brody not being the ideal age for the session, Sweet Me Photography still came through.  With his face filled with baby acne I couldn’t imagine him having a smooth complexion, but they were able to smooth all of it out during the editing process.

What I enjoyed most about the studio coming to me was the convenience of me not needing to do anything during the session. They came to my home at a time where I was up all night and a lot going on, three kids home from school, cleaning crew, and a dog barking.   I didn’t have to worry about the session at all. If I wanted to I could have taken a nap, that’s how efficient they were.

With Sweet Me Photography parents can enjoy professional, artistic portraits of their newborns’ first days of life.  Their affordable pricing, and enjoyable stress-free in-home photo session is exactly what I needed during those crazy first few weeks. Expectant moms do not need to worry about researching and finding the right local photographer or driving their newborn to an unfamiliar location. They can rely on Sweet Me Photography to provide pre-screened and professionally trained newborn photographers who will bring the studio to you, all in the comfort and convenience of your own home.”

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