One of the greatest gifts we rarely provide our generation is a printed record of their childhoods. When I was a child, film was all we had and my mom was forced to take the film to the drug store and get them printed. There are boxes of hundreds upon hundreds of snapshots from my childhood. Some silly… some blurry… some professionally done. I cherish each of them. At least once a year I spend time with my mom, dad and sister, reminiscing and digging through the boxes. It’s such a delight to see how small we were, how young my parents once were and all the places we’ve been.

With the advancement of technology and the analog to digital transformation, we now have the luxury of seeing our photos instantly and carrying them around on our cell phones and computers to share at a moments notice. But…. are we printing and preserving them? It’s predicted that this current generation will be the most photographed in world history but the least archived.

Sweet Me Photography offers digital downloads of your beautiful baby’s newborn photos from your session so you can have the original files for life. However, we also offer a way for you to print, display and enjoy those images. Prints and canvases can now be ordered directly from your newborn gallery, along with your retouched download images. Of course, to keep up with our tradition of simplicity and convenience, these printed products can be shipped directly to your home or to grandma and grandpa to share with their friends. If you need help selecting proper sizes and configurations for the walls in your home, we’d be happy to help! Below is a sample of what your newborn baby photos could look like as gallery-wrapped canvases in your nursery.