We are blessed to photograph beautiful newborn babies on a daily basis. But the road to creating and delivering a healthy baby is not an easy one, and for many, it is beyond challenging. We are so proud to share the story below, written by a brave mom whose baby girl we had the honor to photograph. We hope it brings hope to many.

newborn baby photographer san diegoSigmund Freud said it best, “one day in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.”

I’ve been a Mom for the past 9 years to 9 children. You only see my one child (which is my tenth), as the rest of my children are deceased. Yes, I have had 9 miscarriages. For the last 9 years, my husband, Sammy and I have spent mourning our 9 children. Every day was spent in agonizing pain. There are days I wished I hadn’t woken up. Until one day, I realized I couldn’t live secretly miserable anymore. We all have setbacks but it doesn’t mean those setbacks are permanent fixtures in our lives. I woke up one day and told myself, “If I am unable to have children, then that’s okay. I am going to be at peace with myself no matter what.” Sammy and my mother had been telling me this same message for years, but I finally bought into this notion that, I really could be happy without children. Despite what society says, having children does not define who you are. Realizing words have profound power, I began praying and speaking hope into my life, and that is what came. Sammy and I were on a path to peace with our existence and surprisingly, our world started opening up. We starting meeting couples who were going through the same situations. By sharing our story, we began to create a web of hope, affirming that life was not all about just having kids but about being content with who you are, with what you already have and most importantly, helping others. Our family was our strongest support system and through our struggle, we deepened familial relationships. We unfortunately lost many children, but our profits were more than our losses. What we gained was creating bonds across this world that assert that we are all human. As long as we are living, we are going to experience heartaches, and we can grow from them by helping each other. That’s what makes our story beautiful.

To all the women and couples out there wanting children….if IVF fails, try again. And if you don’t have the strength or the money to go on, it’s okay. If you are unable to afford the adoption, it’s okay. If you have had the miscarriages, it’s okay. You are still a whole person, who is a success story because you tried. Tell yourself everyday that you are a strong woman. Every setback is a set-up for something greater in your life, and know that you are not alone.