A few days before your session, your photographer will call you to introduce themselves and iron out the details of your session. We know– everything in the first few days with a new baby is information overload so here are a few tips to remember when preparing for your in-home newborn session.

  1. SCHEDULING. Newborn baby photo sessions are best done within the first 5 to 14 days. During this time your little one is still very sleepy and completely comfortable with curling up in tight positions. If you missed your window– give us a call! We still have very successful sessions until the baby is up to 28 days old.
  2. BABY FEEDING SCHEDULE. Do your best to schedule your baby’s feeding right before the photographer arrives OR as soon as they arrive and are setting up. Feeding a newborn baby is the perfect way to fill their little tummy and help them fall fast asleep. Trust us– you want the best chance for your baby to nap right through their session so that your photographer can capture all those adorable sleepy poses.
  3. BABY FORMULA. Don’t try a new formula the day before or the day of your session. Babies have sensitive digestive systems and changes can cause irritability.
  4. DIAPER. Take a moment to loosen up your baby’s diaper about 30 minutes prior to the photographer’s arrival. This will help all those little diaper lines fade away.
  5. FAMILY IMAGES. Our focus at Sweet Me Photography is capturing once in a lifetime artistic poses of your baby. However, we are happy to capture a couple of sibling and/or parent and family photos at no additional cost. If you intend to include your family in a few photos with the baby, pick out clothing that matches and flows together. Avoid crazy patterns and stick to solid colors so that the photos focus on your family and not your clothing. Consider selecting colors that will coordinate with the overall color scheme of your home so the images will make beautiful displays for your walls. Have all of your clothing ironed and ready for your photo shoot. Also… it never hurts to have a backup shirt or two just in case the baby spits up on it.
  6. SIBLING PHOTOS. If you would like to include an older sibling in photos with your new baby, come up with a great reward for a job well done! Small children have a very short attention span for photos. However, sometimes offering a reward will help convince them to give you their best behavior.
  7. PROPS. Our Sweet Me Photographers show up to your home with all the props needed for a beautiful photo session. If there are special things you might like to include, have those ready to go when your photographer arrives so they can look them over and make a plan for how to incorporate them during the natural flow of your session.
  8. WALL DISPLAYS. Look around your home and think about where you might like to hang the portraits of your little one. On the day of your photo session, your photographer discuss with you and help you decide what might be  some good sizes and configurations for wall displays. After your final, retouched baby images are ready… Sweet Me Photography offers an easy way for you to order prints and canvases straight from your gallery!
  9. SNACKS. Your baby session will take 2-4 hours. Have some easy snacks ready to go for you and your family during the session so you can be comfortable.
  10. RELAX AND ENJOY! Our photographers are very comfortable holding and posing newborn babies. Feel free to curl up on the couch and take a much needed cat nap during your session or enjoy just sitting back and watching the photos unfold as your photographer handles all the details. either way, we want you to enjoy the day!